Collection of Studies

With our collaborative research work we’ve been helping companies getting valuable insights from their international audiences about their products and services. Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Global Health and Wellbeing Study 2020
What customers across 15 countries need for their self-managed health optimisation

Health, fitness and wellbeing are trending topics all around the world. In these times of self-optimisation, achieving a better health status has never been of more interest. The health, wellbeing and fitness markets are growing and with the current global COVID-19 situation during which people must self-isolate and often have more free time to spend than usual, self-guided health optimisation is soaring.

July 2020
Thumbs up to gesture-controlled Consumer Electronics?

Wherever you go in the world people are different. And so is the way they talk with their hands. Now what if you could operate your TV by using gestures? Would it understand you?

A growing number of gesture-controlled consumer electronics are coming to market. Some of the latest smart TVs, smartphones, cameras and game consoles are able to capture our hand movements and translate them into user interface commands.