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gotoresearch is a lifestyle design and research firm. We combine strategy, branding, usability testing and contextual research to create people-friendly experiences for web, mobile, and product interfaces that integrate with the way people really live.

Company Facts

Founded Employees User Researchers
2001 15 4
Founded Employees Researchers

Services Offered

Qualitative Research
  • Heuristic and expert evaluations
  • Competitive testing
  • Usability testing (remote and in-person)
  • Concept validation
  • Rapid product and service prototype testing
  • Wireframes and IA testing
  • Content audit and gap analysis
  • Exploratory studies (remote and in-person)
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Lab-based research
  • Diary studies
  • Co-creation ideation workshops
  • Participatory design
  • Card sorting
Quantitative Research
  • Statistical benchmarking
  • Usability benchmarking, surveys and questionnaires

User Research in USA West

Key Points about the United States Market

Languages research can be conducted in:


Challenges for recruitment of research participants:

Specialists and high-level professionals can be harder to recruit due to their busy schedules.

Typical response behaviour and how to deal with it

Response behavior will depend on the type of individual participant. With some you may have to ask additional questions to really get at the 'why' but others might be overly talkative. In those cases you may have to politely tell them you are very much interested in what they have to say but that you have much to get through in a short period of time.

The United States Market

Inhabitants:329,292 Million

Reachable Cities

Cities:Research can be conducted in the gotoresearch headquarters in San Francisco. gotoresearch user researchers can fly to other cities for field studies or facilities can be contracted through 3rd parties in most major cities in the U.S.


San Francisco

2169 Folsom
Street Suite M302
San Francisco, CA 94110

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