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UX Consulting is a user experience research and design firm. We conduct ethnography research, UX audits and usability studies as part of our experience design process. Our goal is to provide expertise and support to organisations with good human ethics and sustainable business practices to create meaningful, valuable products and services.

Company Facts

Founded Employees User Researchers
2008 9 5
Founded Employees Researchers

Services Offered in Singapore

Qualitative Research
  • UX audit & heuristics evaluation
  • Design research
  • Ethnography research
  • Moderated & remote usability testing
Quantitative Research
  • Online survey
  • Web analytics + A/B testing
  • Personas & customer journey mapping
  • Concept design, information architecture design & prototyping
  • 9-months UX training programme
  • UX topics workshops
  • UX coaching - building team competencies & organisation development

User Research in Singapore

Key Points about the Singapore Market

Languages research can be conducted in:

English (for Singapore and Malaysia market) and Chinese (for Taipei and China market).

Challenges for recruitment of research participants:

Complex user profiles - e.g. specific ethnicity race (Indian parents) + specific purpose (seeking for universities comparing Singapore, United Kingdom, Australia; High disposable income for specific investment purposes (more than $10 mil and strong interest in properties or stock investment).

2 to 3 weeks lead time for recruitment is highly recommended to ensure higher quality of participants and recruitment cost is more manageable.

Cultural pitfalls and solutions, how to’s, typical response behaviour:

People who do not want to walk up the escalator stand on the left side.

Queue in an orderly manner when waiting to board on MRT metros.

Don’t sit on seats with packet tissues / umbrella / staff pass lanyard in hawker centres as it is being ‘reserved’ by patrons.

People here love to complain about trivial things - be it directly or indirectly. Ignore these complains. Locals have the habit of speaking multiple languages (e.g. English, Chinese or dialects) within a single sentence that may be difficult to understand as foreigners. Ask for explanation.

Any other information that a foreign researcher might find useful:

Spend 1-2 days in advance to climatice to Singapore’s hot and humid weather. Spend some time with local friends or researchers to understand the nuances where participants do use different languages within a single sentence.

The Singapore Market

Inhabitants:5,874 Million

% Mobile Internet Penetration:147.3%

Share of e-commerce sales of total retail sales:5.3% in 2017 (projected to grow to 10.3% by 2022)

Reachable Cities in Singapore

Cities:Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (through local partners), Indonesia (through local partners), Taiwan, Japan (through local partners) and China (by either our Taipei team or local China partners).



National Design Centre
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DigiBlock Taipei Building A
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Chengde Rd., Datong Dist.
Taipei City 10367, Taiwan

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