GPScale is an independent usability research and strategy consultancy based in Tokyo.

We work in the areas of websites, mobile applications, and other digital products and services.

Our solutions are based on established website usability and online survey techniques combined with the application of new technologies.

We offer a range of proprietary and custom solutions based on qualitative and quantitative research methods, to fit a range of client needs.

We are a fully bilingual agency and regularly work with both Japanese and international clients. Contact us to discuss how GPScale web usability testing, and user surveys can help you improve your website and online advertising performance.

Company Facts

Founded Employees User Researchers
2006 7 6
Founded Employees Researchers

Services Offered in Japan

Qualitative Research
  • In-Site research (ethnography)
  • Focus groups
  • Expert reviews (cognitive walk through and heuristic reviews)
  • Individual interviews
  • User testing (web, mobile, physical devices, etc.)
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups ethnography/in-situ interviewing

User Research in Japan

Key Points about the Japanese Market

Languages research can be conducted in:


Challenges for recruitment of research participants:

Depends on target.

Typical response behaviour and how to deal with it

May take time to form a response (answers tend to be well-though out).

The Japanese Market

Inhabitants:127 Million (Tokyo Metro area: 38 Million)

% Mobile Internet Penetration:60%

Share of e-commerce sales of total retail sales:10%

Reachable Cities in Japan

Cities:Tokyo, Osaka and other major Japanese cities.



4F Sun Park Building, 1-52-7
Tomigaya, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0063

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