U2 System,Inc.

South Korea

U2System is an all-around UX consulting firm that provides a vast range of services most notably in user-centered design development and UX research. We design UI for digital products, conduct UX research and evaluate UX, design GUI, and provide ergonomic diagnostic services. At U2System, we have a multi-disciplinary team consisting of seasoned professionals in HCI, ergonomics, ICT, design and management. Through multi-field academic and clinical exchange and collaboration, we run our HR assets flexibly to suit the characteristics of each project.

Company Facts
Founded Employees User Researchers
2002 15 12
Founded Employees Researchers

Services Offered

Qualitative Research
  • In-depth interview
  • Focus group interview
  • Usability test
  • Personas / user journey map
  • Diary research
  • Heuristics
  • Ethnography research
Quantitative Research
  • On-line survey
  • Usability test
  • Eyetracking test
  • Statistical analysis

Key Points

Doing Research in the South Korean Market

Languages research can be conducted in:

Korean and English.

Challenges for recruitment of research participants:

Finding users who have experiences with un-launched products or services in Korean market.

Cultural pitfalls and solutions, how to’s, typical response behaviour:

Seniority in age and job.

Typical response behaviour and how to deal with it:

Older people tend to express their evaluation targets favourably.
Opinions are often expressed indirectly (therefore it is important to provide a relaxed environment by give some words of encouragement time to time during the session, thereby facilitating free expression of opinions and critics).

The South Korean Market

Inhabitants:51,354 Million

Reachable Cities

Cities:Seoul and any other major city in Korea.



Address:3F Philos Building
Bongeunsa-ro,30-gil, 42
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea



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