Thumbs up to gesture-controlled
Consumer Electronics?

A cross-cultural study spanning 18 countries on spontaneous gesture behavior by UX Fellows

Wherever you go in the world people are different. And so is the way they talk with their hands. Now what if you could operate your TV by using gestures? Would it understand you?

A growing number of gesture-controlled consumer electronics are coming to market. Some of the latest smart TVs, smartphones, cameras and game consoles are able to capture our hand movements and translate them into user interface commands.

This poses new challenges for user experience design for globally merchandized devices, as gesture behavior is presumably influenced by local cultures.

As specialists for culture-specific user experience research, UX Fellows wanted to find out which semantic gestures people from various cultures would spontaneously use to control consumer electronics like interactive TVs.

We talked with 360 electronics-savvy users in 18 different countries to find out which semantic gestures fit best with basic and advanced smart TV commands.