International User Research

Conducting international user research should be a seamless and efficient process. The idea of doing research over seas may be intimidating, but with the right guidelines you will not only expand your knowledge, but you will also expand your business.

UX Fellows is a global usability alliance with representative team members in several different countries. We are expert UX professionals throughout the world that have conducted over thousands of user research projects. We are highly experienced in conducting international user research and have gathered along the way some of the dos and don’ts.

For example, a few key tips that come to mind include:

  • Always test your interface in native language
  • Avoid scheduling sessions during the holidays
  • Take into account cultural norms for attendance/timeliness
  • Consider nuances and heavy accents
  • Note that the preference for testing time for participants will vary in each country

For more specific guidelines per country, find out more from our members at Key Lime Interactive. Late last year they presented a webinar that took a deeper dive into international user research and featured a panel of experts from global companies such as Coca-Cola, GE Healthcare and Citibank. They discuss their experiences and take you through dos and don’ts that are considered for each country.

Watch the full webinar

Review the slides

Kelly Nercess, Key Lime Interactive

Kelly Nercess, Key Lime Interactive


  1. Michael Wörmann
    2015-03-21 - 12:41

    Hey Kelly, thanks for sharing this. Great work.

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