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Are you planning
an international user experience / usability
Then you are in
the right spot.

UX Fellows - The home of international user experience research.

We are a circle of specialized user experience research agencies around the world. What unites us is our enthusiasm for the digital world and our passion for hands-on, yet professional UX and usability research.

International user research is becoming increasingly important for global companies. Understanding the user needs and behaviours is a critical component to remain relevant in today’s global marketplace. A firm understanding of contrasting perspective equates to success. Therefore, it’s important to be ready to adapt quickly and develop strategies outside traditional research boundaries.

We believe that international user experience and usability testing should be as easy and professional as national studies. Therefore, we joined the forces of 27 partner companies and established shared quality levels and research processes

At UX Fellows, you can be sure to have

  • one competent point of contact in or close to your country
  • fast and comprehensive quotes
  • the highest research quality in all countries
  • flexible, creative and professional researchers for any type of user interface
  • human-computer interaction experts with profound knowledge of the local cultures and contexts
  • flawless and pleasant research projects.

Our network is built on our long-standing trustful collaboration experience, personal relationships and joint development of our research methods.


UX Research Services

We offer a wide range of usability research methods for all kinds of devices.

  • Usability / user experience lab tests (on classic PC's, smartphones, tablet PC's, and any other device)
  • Focus groups
  • Requirement analyses
  • Eye tracking
  • Ethnographic studies, contextual inquiries
  • Card sorting
  • User surveys
  • Remote usability testing
  • … and a lot more specialized user experience / usability research methods

UX Research Quality

All UX Fellows members guarantee a high level of quality for successful research:

  • Highly qualified moderators and UX consultants
  • Flawless inter-agency communication through standardized tools and processes
  • High end techology (e.g. for screen capturing, eye tracking)
  • Remote interview viewing online
  • Contact people reachable and proficient in English
  • Professional sampling with controlled subject participation frequency
  • Adherence to the UXPA Code of Conduct for Usability Professionals
  • Excellent recommendations and reports

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